We have over 30 years of combined experience shooting weddings together at amazing places with wonderful families every weekend!  We would consider it an honor to be entrusted with telling your story.

• How many images do you deliver?

We constantly deliver around a thousand images for an eight hour wedding, and after all these years of capturing families and telling stories we have never had a complaint that they wish we had shot more. In fact our biggest compliment is that we were "everywhere" but "never noticed".

• Can I make you a list of pictures to capture?

Of course we want to hear what you want out of your wedding photography, and always love the list of VIPs for a wedding day...especially grandparents. However, Kelly and I are artists and we do what we do well when we fell free to create what we see as the day unfolds. Its never easy for us to choose between a shot list and creating our art.

• What are we paying for?

MHP shoots around 20 weddings a year to bring each one of our clients the best wedding experience we can offer them. We know how long editing and color correcting takes, and we need time to focus on you and your story. Equipment, Insurance, Time, Talent, and Life are all bundled into what we need as an investment in our work to do what we do best for you.

• Do you offer albums?

We use Couture Book for all our album binding, and we feel this American company is the best in the world. Hand stitched bindings coupled with luxurious paper come together to make a world class wedding album. We've used whcc, graphi, general, and still use Leather Craftsman from time to time; but Couture Book is in a league above the rest. Come by the house a thumb through a few.