Thea and Hayden’s Garden Wedding!

markhawkinsphoto_001AWhat a picture-perfect wedding day at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens.  The gardens were in full summer grandeur.  Thea and Hayden are high school sweethearts, and it was so fun hearing about their love story.  Their story started at the Garden of lights event at the Botanical Gardens so having their wedding at the same place (although looking quite different in summertime) was perfect.  They were surrounded by a very supportive group of family and friends.  The reception held some great surprises…especially Thea and her dad’s father-daughter dance.  It was one of the best choreographed mash-ups I’ve seen…these two can dance!!!  Such a fun day!

Shout out to Alliey from Sash and Bow who with her team helped everything go so smoothly including quickly flipping the room during the cocktail hour.  Also Buds n’ Blooms for some beautiful summer florals, Tie the Knot for gorgeous dresses, Skaliwags for some yummy eats, Cake Guru for delicious cake and cake pops, and Soundfire DJ for some great entertainment and a hopping dance floor.


At the Hyatt getting ready for an amazing day…markhawkinsphoto_003Cmarkhawkinsphoto_004Dmarkhawkinsphoto_005Emarkhawkinsphoto_006Fmarkhawkinsphoto_007GLove getting to capture these important moments…markhawkinsphoto_008Hmarkhawkinsphoto_009IThe parents of the Bride and the groom.markhawkinsphoto_010JA stroll through the gardens with the bride and groom.  So pretty!markhawkinsphoto_011Kmarkhawkinsphoto_012Lmarkhawkinsphoto_013MMy favorite spot in the gardens. markhawkinsphoto_014Nmarkhawkinsphoto_015OSome of the fun details…markhawkinsphoto_016Pmarkhawkinsphoto_017Qmarkhawkinsphoto_018RDancing the night away…
markhawkinsphoto_019SThis was perfection!  markhawkinsphoto_020THayden’s dad serenaded the bride and groom with a special song! markhawkinsphoto_021USuch a great day!  Congrats to you both!!!