Shaina and Josh’s Wedding Day!


This was our first wedding of 2018: a beautiful and freezing cold January day! I never get tired of the simple beauty of a Wisconsin winter day as the perfect backdrop for a wedding day.  What an awesome couple to start the year with!  Shaina and Josh met online and took a chance on meeting each other for dinner at St. Brendan’s Inn.  It worked out pretty well for them I’d say, and we went back to where it all began on their wedding day and enjoyed some drinks before the reception.  It was the perfect cozy spot to warm up on a very cold winter day complete with a toasty fire.  The ceremony was full of beautiful sentiments at St. Bernard’s with a fun party later at the Ravine.

Shout out to Enchanted Florist,  Kakes by Korth, Lindsay Rose Makeup Artistry, and Salon West for some great talent.

Shaina got ready in her childhood bedroom.  Love all the details.

markhawkinsphoto_002BBeauty!markhawkinsphoto_003CMeanwhile with the guys!  It was definitely see your breath cold! markhawkinsphoto_004Dmarkhawkinsphoto_005EThe parents gathered together for prayer before the ceremony.  markhawkinsphoto_006FLOVE these! markhawkinsphoto_007Gmarkhawkinsphoto_008Hmarkhawkinsphoto_009ILove the simple beauty of winter for photos!
markhawkinsphoto_010Jmarkhawkinsphoto_011KWarm up drinks!  markhawkinsphoto_012LMaking an entrance at the Ravine…markhawkinsphoto_013Mmarkhawkinsphoto_014Nmarkhawkinsphoto_015OSuch a fun night of dancing!  markhawkinsphoto_016Pmarkhawkinsphoto_017Q