Sam and Kimberly’s Garden Wedding!

1Sam and Kimberly got married at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, and the day could not have been more perfect.  Yes, it was hot…over 90…which is crazy considering Wisconsin experienced the largest blizzard of 100 years just a month before.  But our late spring worked to Kimberly and Sam’s advantage and all those gorgeous tulips were perfectly in bloom, and the gardens were spring perfection.  Kimberly is an English teacher so books and blooms adorned the tables at the reception and sweet readings were a big part of the ceremony.  Kim’s grandfather who was a florist before he retired, did all the flowers for the couple.  I loved all the personal touches throughout the day.  Kimberly and Sam both have the sweetest families, and it was truly a special day to be a part of.

Sam’s wonderful family. His grandma was such a sweet lady!
2And some of Kim’s special people.  These two have awesome families! 3I love getting a minute to capture some of the love between Kim and Sam’s parents.  So special!45Heading to the Woodland garden to get married…
6These few outtakes from family pictures had me laughing.  This little guy kept trying to escape the family photos!7Garden perfection! 89LOVE!10Among the tulips at sunset…romantic perfection…11All the little personal touches…books and blooms…12And sweet dances…131415