Lindsey and Mike’s Engagement

lm_markhawkinsphoto 2We had a great time getting to know Lindsey and Mike and getting to spend some time in Milwaukee where they met.  Lindsey and Mike introduced us to the Mitchell Park Domes.  We had never been so it was fun to check them out.  The domes was where these two shared their second date.  Lindsey and Mike met each other at work.  On Lindsey’s very first day of work on a new job, Mike captured her eye, but it took a few more months before they started talking.  Once that happened, it wasn’t too long before things started getting more serious.  Lindsey and Mike had us laughing throughout the shoot.  You can see how much they enjoy each other and provide just the perfect balance for each other.  We couldn’t be more happy to share in their wedding next year in Green Bay.
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