Kelsey and Jordan’s Wedding at the Lake!

markhawkinsphoto_001AJordan surprised Kelsey with tickets to see the Broadway show Hamilton, and after the show he proposed and then led her to a restaurant where 50 of their family and friends were waiting to celebrate with them.  So it goes to show how much their family and friends mean to these two, and explains why doing the wedding in Green Lake was so perfect for them.  Green Lake is a charming little town and a gorgeous lake where Kelsey and her family have a cottage. Some amazing family times have been had there!  It was an awesome feat to have the wedding at the bottom of the hill of  on the lake, but it was the perfect setting to celebrate the start of Kelsey and Jordan’s lives together.  The glistening tent with views of the lake was lit up into the night with a packed dance floor with everyone having an amazing time.  Such a fun night!

Special shout outs to Greenway House Bed and Breakfast, Lakeside Motel, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Party Time HDO Productions in Chicago for one amazing tent, Kate Clark Day of Coordination, Heirloom Kitchen, and Platinum Band.

The girls got ready at the bed and breakfast, and the guys at the motel.
markhawkinsphoto_002Bmarkhawkinsphoto_003CKelsey is a beautiful person inside and out.  She is an elementary teacher, and those kids are pretty lucky to have her! Love the exchange of notes. markhawkinsphoto_004Dmarkhawkinsphoto_005Emarkhawkinsphoto_006FThese kids are the sweetest! markhawkinsphoto_007Gmarkhawkinsphoto_008HAt St. John the Baptist…
markhawkinsphoto_009Imarkhawkinsphoto_010Jmarkhawkinsphoto_011Kmarkhawkinsphoto_012LKelsey and Jordan and their bridal party are a ton of fun.  These two could not keep from laughing and smiling the entire day.  markhawkinsphoto_013MDancing to the boater’s music as they went by.  So cute! markhawkinsphoto_014Nmarkhawkinsphoto_015Omarkhawkinsphoto_016Pmarkhawkinsphoto_017QKelsey and her many talents:)markhawkinsphoto_018Rmarkhawkinsphoto_019Smarkhawkinsphoto_020TSome fun wheels to arrive at the reception! markhawkinsphoto_021Umarkhawkinsphoto_022VWhat an amazing setting for a wedding! markhawkinsphoto_023Wmarkhawkinsphoto_024Xmarkhawkinsphoto_025YAnd a great entrance reflective of these two! markhawkinsphoto_026Zmarkhawkinsphoto_027AAmarkhawkinsphoto_028ABThis dance floor was packed all night long. Great music and people! markhawkinsphoto_029AC