Danielle and Matt’s Engagement Session!

dm_mhp 2This just might be our last wintery session for a while.  But don’t worry, it’s Wisconsin, a good May snowstorm is not out of the question, or if not that, then snow is bound to be back by October.  I have to say I am ready for some warmer temps, sunshine, and more days outdoors though. What a great couple to get get to hang out with!  We just had a wonderful relaxed time hanging out with the added bonus of photos of course.  Danielle and I have something big in common.  We both like to spend some time in the woodshop.  I had a good time checking out some of her creations and talent.  And Matt is an avid sports fan so there was a lot to talk about.  They are going to have a beautiful fall wedding day later this year, and we could not be more excited to be a part of it.

No matter what the season, I love this place for wandering through the woods and taking photos.

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