Abby and Phil’s Heritage Hill Wedding Day!

ap_markhawkinsphoto 1This wedding just makes me smile.  We have been friends of Abby’s family for years, and it was just so sweet to be there on Abby and Phil’s wedding day.  Abby and Phil met in college in Ohio, and we are so excited that they are now living in Green Bay.  The wedding day was perfect.  I always love the simplicity and beauty of the buildings and grounds at Heritage Hill.  It is fun stepping back in time, and Abby and Phil’s had the sweet vintage-style wedding details to fit right in.  Abby wore the same veil that her grandmother wore at her own wedding.  I love that it was preserved all these years to be with her on this special day.  The reception was under the lights at the tent on the hill.  Such a fun night with delicious food by Rustique Pizzeria and music and dancing with 7000 Apart.

(Divine Nature flowers, Monzu for cake, Rustique Pizzeria catering, and 7000 Apart band.)

ap_markhawkinsphoto 2

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