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lm_markhawkinsphoto 2We had a great time getting to know Lindsey and Mike and getting to spend some time in Milwaukee where they met.  Lindsey and Mike introduced us to the Mitchell Park Domes.  We had never been so it was fun to check them out.  The domes was where these two shared their second date.  Lindsey and Mike met each other at work.  On Lindsey’s very first day of work on a new job, Mike captured her eye, but it took a few more months before they started talking.  Once that happened, it wasn’t too long before things started getting more serious.  Lindsey and Mike had us laughing throughout the shoot.  You can see how much they enjoy each other and provide just the perfect balance for each other.  We couldn’t be more happy to share in their wedding next year in Green Bay.
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KE_markhawkinsphoto 1Kyle and Elyse celebrated their marriage on the most perfect day at the church on the hill in Port Washington.  St. Mary’s Church overlooks the city of Port Washington and boasts some pretty spectacular views.  Kyle and Elyse are two huge-hearted people that do so much for the community and family and friends.  Kyle is a firefighter among the many other hats he wears, and Elyse is a 4th grade teacher in Port Washington.  It was so fun seeing so many past and current students come up to her in the park and congratulate Elyse with huge smiles and huge hugs.  We continued on from Port Washington north to Cedar Grove with a very important stop at the hometown bar in the town where these two call home, and then it was on to the beautiful Blue Harbor Resort for one amazing party and views of Lake Michigan that can’t be beat. We absolutely loved celebrating this day with a wonderful couple and their family and friends.

Shout out to the wonderful staff at Blue Harbor Resort and the very fun band…Star Six Nine.  It was a great night!

KE_markhawkinsphoto 2

KE_markhawkinsphoto 3KE_markhawkinsphoto 4KE_markhawkinsphoto 5KE_markhawkinsphoto 6I LOVE those huge smiles after the ceremony! KE_markhawkinsphoto 7KE_markhawkinsphoto 8KE_markhawkinsphoto 9How gorgeous are those views from the bluff at Port Washington. KE_markhawkinsphoto 10KE_markhawkinsphoto 11KE_markhawkinsphoto 13KE_markhawkinsphoto 12KE_markhawkinsphoto 14KE_markhawkinsphoto 15KE_markhawkinsphoto 16KE_markhawkinsphoto 17KE_markhawkinsphoto 18Pretty pink sunset and views of the Lake. KE_markhawkinsphoto 19

GH_markhawkinsphoto 1What a great time getting to shoot Garrett’s senior photos!  Garrett and his family are close friends of ours, and it has been a pleasure getting to see Garrett grow and mature over the years.  This is a great kid, and we are excited to see what the future holds for him.  Garrett is still finalizing plans for after high school, but there are some awesome possibilities open to him.  Congratulations!  God bless you as you embark on this next phase of your life!  GH_markhawkinsphoto 2GH_markhawkinsphoto 3GH_markhawkinsphoto 4GH_markhawkinsphoto 5

ap_markhawkinsphoto 1This wedding just makes me smile.  We have been friends of Abby’s family for years, and it was just so sweet to be there on Abby and Phil’s wedding day.  Abby and Phil met in college in Ohio, and we are so excited that they are now living in Green Bay.  The wedding day was perfect.  I always love the simplicity and beauty of the buildings and grounds at Heritage Hill.  It is fun stepping back in time, and Abby and Phil’s had the sweet vintage-style wedding details to fit right in.  Abby wore the same veil that her grandmother wore at her own wedding.  I love that it was preserved all these years to be with her on this special day.  The reception was under the lights at the tent on the hill.  Such a fun night with delicious food by Rustique Pizzeria and music and dancing with 7000 Apart.

(Divine Nature flowers, Monzu for cake, Rustique Pizzeria catering, and 7000 Apart band.)

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