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Mark started working on the yearbook staff in high school and fell in love with photography.   At age 16, Mark got his first camera, and he spent a lot of free time taking pictures, developing film, and making prints.  At age 18, he got his investor (aka dad) to help purchase a Nikon N90s. That Nikon N90s served Mark well through college studying photography and cinematography and making a little money on the side.  I came into photography a little more slowly and mostly through Mark.  We were pretty much inseparable when we started to date circa 1994 so if Mark was shooting I came along to assist.  Mark shot his first wedding at age 18 (1996) with me there assisting. When our first daughter was born, I had a willing subject for unlimited practice.  Eventually Mark Hawkins Photography became Mark and Kelly shooting together, and we love it that way. We will always be each other's favorite wedding date!

Hands On Deck

Mark is the founder and president of local nonprofit that is empowering youth and families to succeed together through experiential learning focused on the science and art of building wooden boats and the preservation of traditional skills.