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mj_markhawkinsphoto 1So excited to share John and Madi’s wedding!  I have been sharing quite a few sneak peeks over on Instagram, but I have been looking forward to sharing the full preview!  Madi and John met through the help of snapchat and a matchmaking friend in true 2015 fashion and it didn’t take too long for them to realize that they were right for each other.  We got to spend time with them both when we shot Madi’s sister’s wedding this summer, and that was a great day. We think the world of Madi’s family.  They are all super close.   Madi interestingly has a twin brother, and John has a twin brother also.  We have also loved getting to know John’s family.  John’s family are all from South Carolina so they don’t get to see a lot of snow.  The wedding day of course brought below zero wind chills to welcome them nicely to Wisconsin! Thankfully the fire was hot at Hinterland Brewery to warm up by after doing a few outdoor photos.  A lot of John’s family and friends were eyeing up Arien’s Hill at Titletown right outside of Hinterland and the opportunity to try out tubing was pretty tempting in spite of the frigid temps.  So Madi and John and some of the bridal party and even John’s dad took a run down the tubing hill!  And yes, wedding dress and all for Madi!  That was definitely a first for MHP on a wedding day!  Madi’s family is probably one of the most musical families I have met.  Madi’s dad has played in several bands for fun through the years, and their family time often revolved around playing and singing.   He jumped in and played his mandolin along with the band at the wedding.  There was no end to the dancing and music…so much fun!

A few of the details…Ceremony:  St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Reception: Hinterland Brewery, Floral:  Ebb and Flo Flowers, Cake: Manderfield Bakery, Dress: Anthropologie     mj_markhawkinsphoto 2mj_markhawkinsphoto 3Madi was stunning!  mj_markhawkinsphoto 4More beauties…mj_markhawkinsphoto 5That is the smile you want to see coming down the aisle! mj_markhawkinsphoto 6This is truly my favorite series.  Love these moments right after the kiss at the altar. mj_markhawkinsphoto 7mj_markhawkinsphoto 8It was soooo cold but soooo pretty! mj_markhawkinsphoto 9mj_markhawkinsphoto 10Love the winter white florals and warm fire and candlelight!  mj_markhawkinsphoto 11mj_markhawkinsphoto 12mj_markhawkinsphoto 13mj_markhawkinsphoto 14Love love love all the real wedding moments and reactions to speeches. mj_markhawkinsphoto 15mj_markhawkinsphoto 16Arien’s Hill! mj_markhawkinsphoto 17Dance until you drop! mj_markhawkinsphoto 18mj_markhawkinsphoto 19

rj_markhawkinsphoto_ 1Just a few days before Christmas, Jacob and Rachael said their vows in front of their family and friends on the most perfect snowy day!   I was a little concerned about the snowy forecast since Rachael’s family was coming to Green Bay from down south, but you couldn’t have asked for more perfect taste of Wisconsin winter beauty.  There is nothing like the magic of twinkling Christmas lights and pretty snowflakes to create the perfect wedding backdrop.  We have known Jacob’s family for many years, and we think the world of them, and we have loved getting to know Rachael and meeting her family.  These two are an awesome couple.  They will be heading back to Norfolk where Jacob is stationed.  We wish you both the absolute best as you enjoy living life together.

Here is a little glimpse at the day…
rj_markhawkinsphoto_ 2rj_markhawkinsphoto_ 3First look! rj_markhawkinsphoto_ 4A little family love!
rj_markhawkinsphoto_ 5Love this idea for a family Bible keepsake.
rj_markhawkinsphoto_ 6Real wedding stuff = the emotion of completing your vows and hanging out in the church nursery for a brief moment of downtime.

rj_markhawkinsphoto_ 7rj_markhawkinsphoto_ 9rj_markhawkinsphoto_ 10Rachael and Jacob had a morning ceremony followed by brunch so we finished out the day with pictures in the snow.  It was gorgeous! Barkhausen was a winter wonderland!  rj_markhawkinsphoto_ 11rj_markhawkinsphoto_ 12rj_markhawkinsphoto_ 13rj_markhawkinsphoto_ 14

be_markhawkinsphoto 1We have known Bethany and her family for many years so  it was so wonderful being part of this special day with her and Ethan.  They are such a perfect match for each other, and we could not be happier to have been there for their wedding day. We loved getting to meet Ethan’s family also.  The day was a rather warm December day of around 30 degrees which by this winter’s standards is practically tropical.  The backdrop of fresh snow and twinkly Christmas lights and greenery were perfect romantic wedding day material.  We could not be happier for these two and their families.  Much congratulations to you both as you start this journey together!

be_markhawkinsphoto 2be_markhawkinsphoto 3First look sweetness and gift exchange.  be_markhawkinsphoto 4be_markhawkinsphoto 5Love these girls! We had a lot of fun with this wedding party!  (Beautiful bouquets by Petal Pushers.)be_markhawkinsphoto 6be_markhawkinsphoto 7be_markhawkinsphoto 8be_markhawkinsphoto 9The ceremony…be_markhawkinsphoto 10be_markhawkinsphoto 11be_markhawkinsphoto 12be_markhawkinsphoto 13be_markhawkinsphoto 14

tm_markhawkinsphoto_ 2Tara and Matt gave me a good reason to get out in the country and see some more of Seymour.  They are both Seymour home-grown.  We had so much fun shooting at Tara’s families’ beautiful land.  It was an absolutely gorgeous but chilly November evening.  And yes, there was even still plenty of fall color to be had.  We had a great time just hanging out and getting to laugh a lot and take pictures.  I am incredibly excited to shoot this wedding next fall and be part of Tara and Matt’s special day.  It is going to be awesome.  Enjoy the sneak peek!  tm_markhawkinsphoto_ 3tm_markhawkinsphoto_ 4tm_markhawkinsphoto_ 5tm_markhawkinsphoto_ 6What a sweet pup!
tm_markhawkinsphoto_ 1And the  perfect country sunset!  tm_markhawkinsphoto_ 7

he_markhawkinsphoto 1Hanna and Eric are both graduates of Purdue University where they were lucky enough to meet each other in college.  Eric pulled off a wonderful surprise engagement in Napa about a year ago, and Milwaukee was the perfect place to plan a wedding convenient to Hanna and Eric and both of their sets of families.  Currently, they both do some pretty amazing work for Kohler.  Eric is a wine steward (so you know there were some good beverages at this wedding), and Hanna is in management at Kohler so they have been around their fair share of amazing events, and they were able to create (with some help from some pretty awesome and talented friends) a wedding that felt like them. It was a chilly, rainy day for their wedding, but it really didn’t matter because we were in some really lovely locations, and we barely had to venture outside.  Hanna and the girls got ready at the Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee, with the guys a short distance away at the Westin.  The ceremony and reception was at the Downtown Kitchen which is part of the US Bank Building.  It was a wonderful and unexpected place to have a wedding.  The view was phenomenal of downtown Milwaukee.  We even got to check out the top floor of the US Bank Building with some great views of Milwaukee.   In true Hanna and Eric style… the reception was most importantly fun!  The food was  fancy “street food” stations.  You could have your pick of kabobs, burgers, pizza, tacos, or lo mein to name a few.   And the late night snacks were just as yummy!  The music was equally fun.  It was my first time hearing Piano Fondue, and they were phenomenal.  They took guest requests all night long and sang and played in such a great interactive way.  AND yes, they even travel our way:)!  It was a wonderful night!  It was also a great finish to some awesome fall weddings for us, and now we are ready to bring on the snow for the last few weddings of the year.  (As I write this, it is  57-degrees and rainy. A snowy Wisconsin December does not seem to be forthcoming!)

Here is preview of some wedding day awesomeness with Hanna and Eric!  he_markhawkinsphoto 2he_markhawkinsphoto 3he_markhawkinsphoto 4he_markhawkinsphoto 5he_markhawkinsphoto 6he_markhawkinsphoto 7he_markhawkinsphoto 8he_markhawkinsphoto 9he_markhawkinsphoto 10he_markhawkinsphoto 11he_markhawkinsphoto 12he_markhawkinsphoto 13he_markhawkinsphoto 14he_markhawkinsphoto 15he_markhawkinsphoto 16he_markhawkinsphoto 17he_markhawkinsphoto 18