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s_g_markhawkinsphoto 1So Shaina and Guy actually attended the same birthday party at 5 years of age.  Luckily, for them pictures survived so there is proof of their first meeting.  Fast forward to college, and they both worked in the box office at St. Norbert’s together.  They started dating, and here we are at the wedding day.  Because of their start in the box office, getting married at the theatre was the perfect setting for the two of them to say their vows. The wedding had a fun 20’s art deco vibe with lots of black and gold and glitz.  We had a lot of time in between the ceremony and reception, so we had to stop and see all of their pets and take pictures of course.   These two love their pets!  We also got to drive out to Shaina’s parents home overlooking the bay.  So beautiful!  It was a fun party that night at the Meadows. Some of Shaina’s coworkers from Channel 5 were the djs.  The dance floor was busy all night long!

We loved being part of the day.  Enjoy a sneak peek…

s_g_markhawkinsphoto 2Loved shooting at the Meyer!  Such a fun location.  s_g_markhawkinsphoto 3s_g_markhawkinsphoto 5s_g_markhawkinsphoto 6s_g_markhawkinsphoto 7s_g_markhawkinsphoto 8s_g_markhawkinsphoto 9s_g_markhawkinsphoto 10A quick stop downtown for some toasts…s_g_markhawkinsphoto 11I don’t know too many brides that would get on the ground to play with their dog, but Shaina loves her pets and they love her!  Even the guinea pigs! s_g_markhawkinsphoto 12Back where the romance started. We especially had to stop by the box office! s_g_markhawkinsphoto 13And the favorite college bar…s_g_markhawkinsphoto 14So pretty!  What a great day for a wedding!  s_g_markhawkinsphoto 15s_g_markhawkinsphoto 16Shaina and her mom have a special relationship.  s_g_markhawkinsphoto 17s_g_markhawkinsphoto 18s_g_markhawkinsphoto 19I love Shaina’s parents reaction to the slideshow.s_g_markhawkinsphoto 20Everyone was having a blast at the dance!  s_g_markhawkinsphoto 22

S_C_mhp 1What an absolutely incredible wedding day!  Gorgeous weather and a beautiful sweet couple and families. The ceremony was at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, and the reception was at the new Hinterland.  What a fun place for a wedding with fantastic food and drinks!

Samantha and Charles both went to Lawrence University, and you might think that they met there. But other then passing each other by, they actually they didn’t officially meet until later when they were both living in Portland, Oregon.  Most of their relationship took place in the beautiful city of Portland so there were touches of the city throughout the wedding day.  For example, all of the bridesmaids and Samantha wore bracelets representing five Portland bridges.  Friends from Lawrence University who were fantastic musicians made up the wedding band.  They were amazing and the dance floor was hopping.  But the first dance was played by Samantha’s dad.  So perfect!  The great real moments didn’t stop at this wedding.  We are looking forward to seeing a lot of the same faces in December when Samantha’s sister gets married!

Beautiful florals by Ebb and Flow Flowers.  Pies by OJ’s in Gillett, Wisconsin.

S_C_mhp 2

S_C_mhp 3First look with dad!S_C_mhp 4Meanwhile with the guys:) S_C_mhp 5The details from this wedding were stunning and so perfect for summer! S_C_mhp 6S_C_mhp 7How cute are all these flower girls!  S_C_mhp 8Love the looks between these two during the ceremony…S_C_mhp 9S_C_mhp 10S_C_mhp 11S_C_mhp 12Had to catch a few with the new pup! S_C_mhp 13S_C_mhp 14These two!! S_C_mhp 15Loved Hinterland: the food, the decor, the light!  The flowers were so pretty too!
S_C_mhp 16S_C_mhp 17S_C_mhp 18The pies were so delicious!  S_C_mhp 19S_C_mhp 20Samantha’s dad played for their first dance.  He plays in a band for fun so this was pretty perfect.  S_C_mhp 21You can tell that this is a musical family! S_C_mhp 22S_C_mhp 23S_C_mhp 24

zk_MHP 2These two are getting married in just a couple weeks!  We tried to do engagement pictures a few weeks earlier, but the weather turned stormy and this night was not looking too much better…lots of wind and gray skies.  But the rain held and these two even got a gorgeous sunset!  But the waves…I have never seen waves like this on the bay.  It was ocean surfing waves for sure.  Katie and Zach got soaked by a few shots on the breakwater! It was fun seeing the waves come up and catching the silhouette of them.  Can’t wait for Katie and Zach’s wedding on the lake in a few weeks.  It is going to be gorgeous and hopefully a little bit calmer!
zk_MHP 3zk_MHP 4zk_MHP 5zk_MHP 6zk_MHP 7zk_MHP 8zk_MHP 9So pretty but crazy seeing those waves! zk_MHP 10All for a picture!  Good thing they had warm clothes in the car! zk_MHP 11zk_MHP 12zk_MHP 13

markhawkinsphoto_blog_kj001What a great wedding day filled with laughter and joy!  Josh and Kaylee are fun and vibrant and their enthusiasm for life spills over to everyone around them.  When Josh’s cousin and best man got drafted by the Packers, he made the move to Green Bay to support his cousin.  Little did he know that the move would change his life as well because it was here that Josh met Kaylee.  Which brings us to a really great wedding day!  The ceremony was at the National Railroad Museum outside on the Fox River.  There is nothing quite like arriving to the ceremony by train.  Josh was tearing up as Kaylee was walking down the aisle to him.  The ceremony finished with  a surprise butterfly release.  We had a great time taking pictures downtown and spending time at Josh and Kaylee’s favorite bar before finishing the night at Rock Garden for the reception.

DJ and ceremony sound by the Music Caterer and beautiful flowers by Buds ‘n Bloom.

Here is a glimpse at a very good wedding day…


markhawkinsphoto_blog_kj003markhawkinsphoto_blog_kj004Kaylee is adorable and hilarious.  She definitely doesn’t take life too seriously.  markhawkinsphoto_blog_kj005markhawkinsphoto_blog_kj006Such a sweet ceremony with lots of emotion…markhawkinsphoto_blog_kj007markhawkinsphoto_blog_kj008markhawkinsphoto_blog_kj009markhawkinsphoto_blog_kj010Good times train riding…
markhawkinsphoto_blog_kj011Downtown Green Bay with this crew!  markhawkinsphoto_blog_kj012markhawkinsphoto_blog_kj013markhawkinsphoto_blog_kj014markhawkinsphoto_blog_kj015markhawkinsphoto_blog_kj016This bridal party and family had us laughing every minute.  markhawkinsphoto_blog_kj017markhawkinsphoto_blog_kj018First dance!markhawkinsphoto_blog_kj019

markhawkinsphoto_blog_jk001What a wonderful wedding day with Kevin and Jordy!  There were so many familiar faces throughout this wedding day that are special to us.  We have enjoyed so many beautiful wedding days with many family and friends of these two. It was such a priviledge to capture Kevin and Jordy’s day and to hear their story.  Jordy and Kevin were friends since grade school, and their families are close as well.  After all those years of friendship to build on, they started dating a few years ago and never looked back.  And the day was filled with so much happiness both from the bride and groom and their families.   This wedding day was spectacular from start to finish.   The ceremony was at Resurrection followed by a fun-filled reception at Oneida Country Club: amazing food, beautiful decor, and some fantastic music made for one awesome party!

Shout out to some of the wonderful creatives that we had the priviledge of working with and enjoying their  talents to bring this day together: Oneida Country Club, Sash and Bow, Buds n’ Bloom, Runaway Spoon, Vaughter Weddings Videography, and TVK Orchestra. markhawkinsphoto_blog_jk002markhawkinsphoto_blog_jk003The parents’ first look…markhawkinsphoto_blog_jk004markhawkinsphoto_blog_jk005markhawkinsphoto_blog_jk006And Kevin’s first look…markhawkinsphoto_blog_jk007markhawkinsphoto_blog_jk008Family!markhawkinsphoto_blog_jk009markhawkinsphoto_blog_jk010markhawkinsphoto_blog_jk0114 nieces made for some adorable flower girlsmarkhawkinsphoto_blog_jk012markhawkinsphoto_blog_jk013markhawkinsphoto_blog_jk014markhawkinsphoto_blog_jk015Buds n’ Blooms did these boxwood walls…so gorgeous! Cake and all the gorgeous desserts by Runaway Spoon! Creme Brûlée anyone??
markhawkinsphoto_blog_jk017Signature drinks through an ice sculpture made for a pretty sweet wedding surprise for guests.
markhawkinsphoto_blog_jk018Speeches that make you cry and laugh are pretty much the best! markhawkinsphoto_blog_jk019markhawkinsphoto_blog_jk020These kids were stealing the show! markhawkinsphoto_blog_jk021markhawkinsphoto_blog_jk022Such a fun night!  Thank you for letting us be a part of the day and capturing all the fun! markhawkinsphoto_blog_jk023