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Brooke and Hank’s Las Vegas Style Wedding Reception

blog0001After a lot of years of being together, Brooke and Hank made the decision to head to Las Vegas and secretly elope.  They did a great job keeping it a complete surprise.  One of their friends was on a trip to Las Vegas at the time of their trip there.  They called her up and asked her to join them without telling her why.  They took her on  a mission to witness their vows.  They successfully pulled off a romantic, secret elopement.  So back home a big party was definitely warranted to celebrate the wedding.  The reception was at Pullman’s in Appleton.  It was a beautiful night for a celebration.  Brooke and Hank wanted to bring back some Las Vegas fun to their Wisconsin friends and family.  They had some blackjack tables set up at the reception, and they were a huge hit with the guests.  It was a fun night finished off with some great music by Atown.  So happy for you both!

blog0002blog0003Hank has two awesome kids.  And from what I hear, Brooke is a pretty amazing and fun stepmom! blog0004blog0005blog0006blog0007blog0008blog0009

  • Lauren - May 5, 2015 - 7:28 pm

    I’m glad they decided to capture their surprise elopement! Congratulations to Brooke and Hank. Thanks for sharing!

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