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mb_markhawkinsphoto 1Ahhh spring at last.  It has been feeling amazing being outside and seeing signs of spring all around us.  It was late to arrive this year, but it looks like it is finally here to stay!  We had a great time shooting Molly and Brett’s engagement session.  It honestly was so fun just talking and grabbing a drink at Kohler Lodge and then finishing up at Hinterland Brewery.  There was a lot of laughing!  It was a great relaxed night which fits Molly and Brett perfectly.  Their wedding is going to be an awesome fun winter day at Badger State Brewery.  And we are so looking forward to it, but first we would like to enjoy these nice sunshiney days for a while.

Enjoy the preview!   Special thanks to Kohler Lodge.

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mj0318_markhawkinsphoto 1This was our last wedding of winter!  It was an absolutely gorgeous March day.  Mariya and Johnny live in Texas, and they were hoping for snow on their wedding day, and a nice dusting arrived just in time!  Mariya was born in Russia and came to the US as a young girl.  I loved hearing her story.  She joined the army and became a nurse, and it was the army that brought Johnny and Mariya together.  Johnny is a doctor in the military and they make a pretty awesome pair.  Their army chaplain is a very important person in their lives, and it was special to have him come to Green Bay where Johnny is from and marry the two of them at Johnny’s home church.  It was a special day, and we were truly grateful to be a part of it.

Shout out to First United Methodist Church and Olde 41: two beautiful locations to spend the day!

mj0318_markhawkinsphoto 2mj0318_markhawkinsphoto 3mj0318_markhawkinsphoto 4mj0318_markhawkinsphoto 5mj0318_markhawkinsphoto 6Love the exchange of letters.  mj0318_markhawkinsphoto 7So many sweet moments just before the ceremony.mj0318_markhawkinsphoto 8Taking time for one more prayer before walking down the aisle. mj0318_markhawkinsphoto 9mj0318_markhawkinsphoto 10mj0318_markhawkinsphoto 11mj0318_markhawkinsphoto 12mj0318_markhawkinsphoto 13mj0318_markhawkinsphoto 14mj0318_markhawkinsphoto 15Love all that golden light!  mj0318_markhawkinsphoto 16mj0318_markhawkinsphoto 18mj0318_markhawkinsphoto 19mj0318_markhawkinsphoto 20Love the sweet personal touches.
mj0318_markhawkinsphoto 21mj0318_markhawkinsphoto 22These two killed it on their first dance! mj0318_markhawkinsphoto 23Such a fun party!  mj0318_markhawkinsphoto 24mj0318_markhawkinsphoto 25mj0318_markhawkinsphoto 26

dm_mhp 2This just might be our last wintery session for a while.  But don’t worry, it’s Wisconsin, a good May snowstorm is not out of the question, or if not that, then snow is bound to be back by October.  I have to say I am ready for some warmer temps, sunshine, and more days outdoors though. What a great couple to get get to hang out with!  We just had a wonderful relaxed time hanging out with the added bonus of photos of course.  Danielle and I have something big in common.  We both like to spend some time in the woodshop.  I had a good time checking out some of her creations and talent.  And Matt is an avid sports fan so there was a lot to talk about.  They are going to have a beautiful fall wedding day later this year, and we could not be more excited to be a part of it.

No matter what the season, I love this place for wandering through the woods and taking photos.

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ck_markhawkinsphoto 1We first met Courtney and Kevin at Hanna and Eric’s engagement shoot, and then got to spend some more time with them at Hanna and Eric’s wedding back in November which was such an amazing day.  Courtney and Kevin are from Boston and will be getting married there next winter.  The last few years,  they have lived in the Sheboygan area where Kevin is stationed with the Coast Guard and Courtney works with Kohler Company.  One of their favorite places to grab a drink and a pizza is  Prohibition Bistro, and the owner was so kind to welcome us and to let us grab some shots in the restaurant before it opened.  Let me tell you, the smells were fantastic.  We will definitely be going back.  After the restaurant, we walked the riverwalk and met up with Banana, Courtney and Kevin’s adorable pup.  He was just shivering in the cold!  We finished up the shoot at the gorgeous Sheboygan Lake Michigan beachfront.  It was soooo cold and windy, but it was beautiful.  Courtney’s blanket scarf doubled as a blanket which came in quite handy keeping them warm!

Happy for you both!!! Enjoy the sneak peek! ck_markhawkinsphoto 2ck_markhawkinsphoto 3How cute is Banana?!
ck_markhawkinsphoto 4When most people think of a beach session,  they picture warm sunshine and sandy toes, but the beach is still pretty romantic in wintertime.  ck_markhawkinsphoto 5ck_markhawkinsphoto 6


This was our first wedding of 2018: a beautiful and freezing cold January day! I never get tired of the simple beauty of a Wisconsin winter day as the perfect backdrop for a wedding day.  What an awesome couple to start the year with!  Shaina and Josh met online and took a chance on meeting each other for dinner at St. Brendan’s Inn.  It worked out pretty well for them I’d say, and we went back to where it all began on their wedding day and enjoyed some drinks before the reception.  It was the perfect cozy spot to warm up on a very cold winter day complete with a toasty fire.  The ceremony was full of beautiful sentiments at St. Bernard’s with a fun party later at the Ravine.

Shout out to Enchanted Florist,  Kakes by Korth, Lindsay Rose Makeup Artistry, and Salon West for some great talent.

Shaina got ready in her childhood bedroom.  Love all the details.

markhawkinsphoto_002BBeauty!markhawkinsphoto_003CMeanwhile with the guys!  It was definitely see your breath cold! markhawkinsphoto_004Dmarkhawkinsphoto_005EThe parents gathered together for prayer before the ceremony.  markhawkinsphoto_006FLOVE these! markhawkinsphoto_007Gmarkhawkinsphoto_008Hmarkhawkinsphoto_009ILove the simple beauty of winter for photos!
markhawkinsphoto_010Jmarkhawkinsphoto_011KWarm up drinks!  markhawkinsphoto_012LMaking an entrance at the Ravine…markhawkinsphoto_013Mmarkhawkinsphoto_014Nmarkhawkinsphoto_015OSuch a fun night of dancing!  markhawkinsphoto_016Pmarkhawkinsphoto_017Q