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sj_markhawkinsphoto 1This was such a fun time with Stephanie and John.  We walked around the Green Bay Botanical Gardens.  It was an absolutely perfect night for the session.  It was just before the heat wave so the gardens were gorgeous, and it was a pleasant night for a walk.  We finished out the session with some drinks at Hagemeister and just had a blast talking.  Stephanie and John’s wedding is right around the corner in September of this year, and we can’t wait!  It is going to be beautiful!

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ea_markhawkinsphoto_ 1This day!!!  We have been so excited to share it. We just loved getting to work with these two and both of their wonderful families.  Andy’s family is from the Boston area. Erika chose Boston College for graduate school and in her new city she met Andy.  They got to know each other and fell in love in the beautiful city of Boston, and now Andy has officially become a midwesterner and they both just purchased their first home in the city of Green Bay.  I loved hearing their proposal story at the wedding.  Andy rented a boat and they took a romantic boat ride while on vacation with Erika’s family in Costa Rica.  They stopped at the perfect beach at sunset where Andy got down on one knee and proposed.  The ceremony took place at St. John’s Lutheran in DePere in the same church as Erika’s parents were married in followed by some drinks at Titletown Brewery.  The rooftop breeze felt so good on a hot day! We finished the night with an awesome party at Oneida Country Club with some amazing live music by the band Velocity.

We were lucky enough to work with many talented people at this wedding… makeup by Sharon of Face First Makeup Artistry, hair by Salon 3 Sixty out of Brillion, dresses by Tie the Knot, wedding videography by the talented Vaughter Films, Buds n’ Bloom for the amazing florals, cake by Monzu, music by Velocity, and special thanks to Amy from Oneida Country Club.

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ea_markhawkinsphoto_ 3ea_markhawkinsphoto_ 4ea_markhawkinsphoto_ 5ea_markhawkinsphoto_ 6ea_markhawkinsphoto_ 7ea_markhawkinsphoto_ 8Love the fun confetti exit!ea_markhawkinsphoto_ 9ea_markhawkinsphoto_ 10ea_markhawkinsphoto_ 11ea_markhawkinsphoto_ 12So pretty!  ea_markhawkinsphoto_ 13ea_markhawkinsphoto_ 14ea_markhawkinsphoto_ 15ea_markhawkinsphoto_ 16ea_markhawkinsphoto_ 17ea_markhawkinsphoto_ 18ea_markhawkinsphoto_ 19

lc_markhawkinsphoto 1Laura and Carl met at Pine Lake Camp… Laura the camp “nurse” (really a PA), and Carl a counselor with a sick camper.  That was all it took, and these two soon were at the start of something really special! So it was the perfect place to go back to for engagement photos.  We almost thought we were completely lost heading into the camp down a long gravel and dirt road in the middle of nowhere, but it was worth the drive.  What a gorgeous setting and night!  There was a bit of rain that we had to dodge, but then came a rainbow…as Laura put it a “GOD moment!”  We ended the night with Laura and Carl jumping in the lake!  It was pretty humid so I think we would have joined them if we wouldn’t have had to drive home soaking wet.  It was so fun and the perfect ending to a great night! lc_markhawkinsphoto 2lc_markhawkinsphoto 4lc_markhawkinsphoto 5We had to hike up some rough terrain and fight off some killer mosquitos, but the rainbow was so worth it!lc_markhawkinsphoto 6lc_markhawkinsphoto 7lc_markhawkinsphoto 8lc_markhawkinsphoto 9lc_markhawkinsphoto 10lc_markhawkinsphoto 11

msFam_ 1We just loved getting to do this shoot with Mackenzie, Steve and Maverick.  We shot Mackenzie and Steve’s wedding in 2015, and it is so fun to see them as parents to Maverick.  We first met Mackenzie and her family right around the time we were becoming parents to our first child so doing this shoot brought back all the memories of starting on that journey.  And what a great journey it is!  Maverick is a blessed little man, and it was priviledge to capture a snapshot of this special time.  Lots of happiness, love, and best wishes to you all!  msFam_ 2msFam_ 3msFam_ 4msFam_ 5msFam_ 6msFam_ 7